There’s another way

For those who not only want to save money, but are also looking for in-depth discussions about the technology, other event formats are generally more recommendable. On the one hand there are the numerous Meetups, which are organized by startups, private persons, Co-Working-Spaces, agencies and enterprises in the big cities. There is no buffet or chic bags of giveaways.

But for that you can expect a familiar atmosphere in small groups of 20 to 50 participants, two to three lectures on a technically challenging topic and afterwards an intensive discussion. Representatives of the parliamentary group “Lambo” are to be found here clearly more rarely, the level tends to be higher.

The right questions can be found at Bitcoin revolution conferences

Corresponding to this, more and more industry-specific specialist events are emerging. These include, for example, blockchain in the logistics sector or Bitcoin revolution in the energy sector: The positive aspect of these industry events is the factual and critical classification of industry specialists. They have known the challenges and opportunities of their sector for many years. Even if not every participant is a blockchain specialist here, the questions that arise about meaningful blockchain integration in the relevant sector are enormously valuable. The result is a realism that is often completely absent from ICO conferences.

Universities are catching up with the Bitcoin loophole

Universities are also increasingly pushing their way onto the Bitcoin loophole parquet and organising corresponding specialist Bitcoin loophole conferences. Although these are not particularly glamorous, they are much more objective and differentiated than the pompous blockchain conferences in large hotel chains. Blockchain technology must also face up to the qualitative and quantitative methods of science if it is to be recognised by politicians and companies.

In Germany, the University of Kassel, the HTW Berlin, the Mittweida University of Applied Sciences and the Frankfurt School of Finance have excelled in this respect. In addition to research projects and teaching, these universities regularly offer blockchain events, which are also open to the public and can be found in the BTC-ECHO event calendar.

Altcoin market analysis – Bitcoin Cash and EOS continue to bleed, remainder comparatively stable

Total market capitalisation remained around USD 130 billion. While the majority of crypto currencies in the top 10 remained relatively stable, the prices of Bitcoin Cash and EOS fell by more than ten per cent. In addition, Bitcoin SV is now another Bitcoin hard fork in the top 10.

The price development of the ten crypto currencies with the highest market capitalisation, which is stated in billions of US dollars, is shown.

Is this cryptosoft? It will be seen

I believe that cryptosoft will end, as you know, only after a rise above the moving average of the last 20 weeks according to onlinebetrug. And the Bitcoin price needs to rise to around USD 6,300. Nevertheless: At least there’s some peace in the top 10 – apart from the Bitcoin Cash and EOS courses that plunge into the depths. We also have Bitcoin SV, another Hard Fork Bitcoin in the top places. Since the history of Bitcoin SV is still quite young, we won’t give a forecast for this asset yet.

Market capitalization has remained more or less constant at $129 billion.

The price forecasts are somewhat benevolent: Daring ones can venture long positions with crypto currencies with a rather bullish price assessment, where the support can be considered as a stop loss and the resistance as the first target. For those with a neutral assessment, you should wait for a rise above the resistance or a fall below the support before opening a long or short position.

Best crypto trader price performance: Cardano (ADA)

The Cardano rate is trying to defy the sideways movement, which all crypto trader currencies with the exception of Bitcoin Cash and EOS have joined, by increasing by seven per cent. As you can see from the chart above, this does not hide the fact that Cardano is currently only moving sideways after the price slump that has been continuing since mid-November.

The negative, but currently rising MACD and the RSI rising out of the oversold lead to a rather bullish impression, which is also confirmed by the current Aroon indicator. Cautiously one could think about a long position. A Fibonacci retracement is used to define the support and resistance levels and thus the stop loss and the targets, in which the previous minimum level is regarded as the 23.6% Fibonacci retracement level with regard to the development since mid-November. On this basis, the resistances at 0.05 US dollars and 0.07 US dollars could be used for a long position as targets. As a stop loss, the support at 0.03 US dollars offers itself. If the price falls below this level, you can try a short position with a target of 0.02 US dollars and a stop loss of 0.04 US dollars.

Worst price performance: EOS

That hurts: after the bloodbath of the last few weeks, EOS has still not been able to catch up and lost a full 15 per cent this week. The share price has thus reached a new low for the year and stands at the price levels that the EOS share price last reached at the end of November 2017.

The Aroon indicator leads to a rather bearish assessment, a picture confirmed by the constantly low RSI and the still falling negative MACD. A short position is therefore the obvious choice. Daring investors can open this position immediately and target 1.99 US dollars and 1.13 US dollars as targets with a tight stop loss, for example at the resistance which is at 3.87 US dollars. A real long position is only available when the resistance is reached at 4.74 US dollars. The stop loss would be 3.87 US dollars and the first target 6.53 US dollars.

Stability of the Top 10
Stellar was able to assert itself against EOS and Bitcoin Cash, now only two percent separate the market capitalizations of Bitcoin Cash and Stellar. The situation between Litecoin and Tether is similarly tight. Should Litecoin’s market capitalization fall by four percent, Tether would take seventh place in the Top 10. After all, there is a battle raging on the last places of the Top 10. While Cardano and Monero are nine percent behind, Tron and Monero are almost on a par. Only one percent separates their market capitalizations from each other.

How the Blockchain can help you find accommodation

I’ve been looking for an apartment in Berlin for almost a month – without success so far. On the relevant real estate portals one usually comes across the same real estate agents or housing associations. Then it occurred to me that one or the other blockchain solution might be helpful.

These locks are connected to the Bitcoin loophole

The broker’s Bitcoin loophole function is usually limited to unlocking the apartment door and distributing forms for tenant self-disclosure. However, even this has become too much for some estate agents. The demand on the Berlin housing market has risen so strongly that keys for viewing apartments can be collected by deposit from the agent’s office. So the broker can remain sitting comfortably in its office, while the potential tenants look at the dwelling alone. Read more about it:

It is not possible to reserve the keys, which means that you drive to the office of the housing agency on your own good luck, then from there to the rented apartment and then back to the agency to return the keys and get your deposit back.

In short: It takes good nerves and a lot of time if you “only” have an average monthly income and want to avoid living in the periphery or the unattractive high-rise housing estates.

Why the news spy can help you find an apartment

In this context I had to think of the Blockchain-Startup at my apartment odyssey. Among other things, the the news spy startup is working on developing intelligent locks that are controlled via Smart Contracts like this:

The project primarily addresses the Sharing Economy (e.g. AirBnb), so that everything that can be closed can also be rented out or passed on to others for use – without an agent or landlord having to be on site with the keys.

Although the classic apartment search is not a variant of the Sharing Economy, the principle that a lock must be unlocked is the same. It would also not be necessary to replace the whole lock, as an attachment would be sufficient to serve as an interface for the digital lock (so it would still be possible to use conventional physical keys).

Through electronic data exchange, a digital signature could then be sent to the prospective tenant – securely and transparently via the Ethereum block chain to prevent misuse.

Of course, a registration or verification of the prospective tenant would have to be made beforehand in order to record the digital ID.